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Air Force Attaché

The primary role of the Air Attache is to support and advise the Defense Attache (AGREDWAS) in all matters  related to the Spanish Air Force in the United States, representing him or the Spanish Air Force.


The  basic duties of the Air Attache  are as follows:

  • To inform  regarding the activities, plans or projects of interests so that the Ministry of Defense and the Spanish Air Force could be involved in the USAF scenario, processing information requests either from the Spanish Air Force to the corresponding US authorities of through the Spanish Liaison Officer station in the US.
  • To represent the Spanish Air Force before the US Air Force and US Navy authorities  being the official liaison with their Agencies and Departments. This can include social  and work activities with other Attache’s from different countries stationed in Washington, D.C. (EEUU).
  • To manage the diplomatic authorization requests, before the US State Department and Canada, for Spanish State aircraft flights with destination to /or overflying those countries.
  • To provide logistic support as well as customs support to the crew of the Spanish Air Force that land in the EEUU and Canada.
  • To provide administrative and logistic support to all the personnel from the Spanish Air Force that has been positioned or is in TDY in the EEUU.
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