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The Technical Logistics Management Structure of the Spanish Air Force (SAF) was established in order to coordinate and facilitate the management of logistics tasks to be performed by the Spanish Air Force in the U.S.

Framed in the Defense Attaché, through the Air Attaché, the Technical Logistics Management Structure of the Spanish Air Force is composed of a head command, a Technical and Logistics Management Office in Washington DC ( TLMO DC ) and two logistics detachments located in Wright-Patterson AFB (Ohio) and North Island in San Diego (California ).


  • Act as single point of contact between SAF´s Logistics Support Command (MALOG) and U.S. government agencies as well as commercial enterprises in this country, in terms of official communications on aspects relating to planning, operational, logistics and technical support.
  • Carry out preliminary studies and advise MALOG in regards to operational, management, technical, and logistical matters within its competence. Manage the collection of operational, technical and logistics information as required.
  • Collaborate with other departments within the MALOG in the initial planning and negotiation of all purchases of goods and services, under the responsibility of this command, before the various Logistics agencies of the U.S Department of Defense and with the various contractors in this country. As well as, monitor and control all operational, logistical and technical aspects of these procurements.
  • Collaborate with MALOG both with prior assessment of technical solutions and with the development and process of contracts acceptance and signature with government agencies via "Foreign Military Sales” (FMS) or, where appropriate, with companies in the U.S., as well as subsequent monitoring, analysis of modifications and amendments and financial assessments.
  • Coordinate relations with representatives and similar liaison offices of third countries in the U.S. in regards to those programs of common interest and agreements or MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) signed between the participant nations.
  • Represent MALOG and the SAF at meetings and conferences generated by the programs and contracts, when it is so determined.
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