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The Technical Office of the Spanish Navy Mission in the United States is the entity that locally manages the Spanish technical naval programs, and the logistical needs that might arise from them.

MISMARES reports to the Defense Attaché office, under the direction of the Naval Attaché.

The evolution of naval systems and of our national needs must foster a flexible organization that is able to adapt to the intensity and variety of ongoing tasks. In general , management of these tasks and the follow-up of any accrued monitoring costs and remaining resources is carried out from the Defense Attaché office, and currently there are liaison officers in :

  • Philadelphia (parts)
  • Moorestown (F-100 program)
  • Washington Navy Yard (maintenance and weapons)
  • Quantico (Spanish Marine Corps procurement)
  • Crystal City (Consortium for Sea Sparrow Missile)


Basic duties are:

  • Participate in both the assessment of technical solutions as well as in the design and process of contract signing by the Spanish Navy, by way of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) or, when appropriate, with U.S. companies; also, the subsequent monitoring and analysis of changes and amendments that might occur in these contracts.
  • Coordinate and support of logistics management orders made within the Navy Supply System of the United States.
  • Manage and process, provided that no other representative has been appointed and duly notified, the required steps to formalize the bilateral relationship between the Spanish Navy and the U.S. agencies, carrying out this representation at meetings and conferences that produce bilateral naval programs and ongoing contracts.
  • Manage the gathering of operational, technical and logistics information required by the Headquarters of Navy Logistics Support.
  • Act as single point of contact between Spain's Headquarters of Navy Logistics Support (JAL) and U.S. government representatives and commercial companies regarding official communications in planning, operations, logistical and technical aspects that may require the management of JAL.










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