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Military Attaché

The primary role of the Military Attaché is to support and advice the Defense Attaché on matters regarding the Spanish Army and its representation in the U.S., and in accredited nations, in addition to maintaining direct relationship with U.S. Army authorities and departments.

The Military Attaché is organically under the authority of the Defense Attaché.


The basic duties of the Military Attaché are:

  • To represent the Defense Attaché´s Office in social and official diplomatic events, as delegated by the Defense Attaché.
  • To advice and support the Spanish Army through the Chief of Staff of the Spanish Army´s International Relations Center.
  • To serve as a liaison between the Spanish Army (SEIDA-MALE) and the US Army (USASAC) logistics authorities on matters regarding military acquisition of weapons and equipment.
  • To provide administrative support to Spanish military delegations and military personnel deployed in the US.
  • To schedule, manage and support the official visits of Spanish military delegations to the U.S.
  • Information-gathering activities of the United States and other countries of interest, through the coordination of information sources: press, civil and military publications, official organizations websites, manuals and magazines.
  • To process Information Requests from the Spanish Army either to the corresponding US authorities or through the Spanish Liaison Officers stationed in the US.
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