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Defense Attaché Office Organization

Defense Attaché Office Organization Chart

Defense Attaché Office Organization Chart

The Spanish Defense Attaché Office structurally and functionally relies on the General Secretariat of Defense Policy, corresponding to its CEO leads this Agency without interfere to the management and coordination of the Chiefs of the Diplomatic Missions or Permanent Representations.

The Spanish Defense Attaché Office is organized as established the rule OM/DEF/783/2007,  March 22th :

  • One Defense Attaché assisted for an economic section..
  • One Military Attaché, one Naval Attaché and one Air Attaché for specifics matters related with the Army, Navy and Air Force.
  • One Defense Cooperation Attaché who collaborates with the General Directorate of the Economic Affairs and the General Directorate of Arms and Material of the Defense Secretary´s Office.
  • Technical Offices of the Spanish Navy Mission in the United States (MISMARES) rely on the Navy Agency Logistic Support.
  • Technical Logistic Management Offices (TLMO) rely on the Air Force Agency Logistic Support.



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