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26/03/2024 Twitter English edition of the Spanish Defence Magazine number 15

The NATO Tactical Leadership Program (TLC), which is based at the Albacete air base, is the cover story of the English edition of the Spanish Defense Magazine for the month of April. An extensive report provides information on the advanced training that pilots receive to lead air combat formations.

Another article analyzes the unstoppable growth of satellites, which poses new risks and threats to communications, navigation and scientific observation; An interview is published with General Isaac Crespo Zaragoza, chief of the General Staff of the newly created Space Command; and the approaches of the EU and NATO in this area are reflected.

The meeting of the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, with the Spanish troops in Iraq and the recent visit of King Felipe VI to the NATO Headquarters in Europe, in Mons (Belgium), is also reported.

The pages of the Armed Forces pay attention to the delivery to the Navy of the submarine Isaac Peral, the first of the S-80 series; and to the UMAAD-Madrid, which has expanded its health support capacity with a projectable operating room, type Role 2F.
The ambassador, permanent representative of Spain in NATO, Federico Torres Muro, writes about the 75 years of the Atlantic organization; and the commander of the CAOC Torrejón, Lieutenant General Juan Pablo Sánchez de Lara, analyzes the role of this unit that has been protecting the skies of southern Europe for ten years.

On the other hand, the challenges of the Presidency of the 5+5 Defense Initiative, which Spain holds in 2024, are analyzed.

The culture section includes the publication of the book Brief military history of Spain (Breve historia militar de España), published by the Ministry of Defense.

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