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30 years of international missions

29/11/2019 Twitter Revista Española de Defensa número 367 in English

The conmemoration of three decades of Spain´s participation in international missions –a milestone that has contributed significantly to the modernization of the Armed Forces and the external projection of our country- is the cover theme of the English edition of number 367 of Revista Española de Defensa.

An article by the acting defense minister, Margarita Robles, asseses the contribution of the Spanish military to the stability and security in the world. It also includes a chronology that comprises more than 80 operations, in which our Armed Forces have intervened for the last 30 years; an interview with the Lieutenant General Fernándo López del Pozo, Commander of the Operations Command; and an infographics dedicated to the 15 ongoing missions, in which at least 3.000 troops and civil guards are deployed.

The testimony of heads in the first missions, and experts on the role of women in peace processes, who participated in a day of homage promoted by the Ministry of Defence, are also included, as well as a report on the Cervantes programme, through which the military teaches our language, and spreads Spanish culture to the population of countries in conflict.

Spain is “a fundamental partner” for his contribution to the missions, according to Jean Pierre Lacroix, Deputy Secretary General of UN Peace Operations, in an interview.

The celebration of the 70th anniversary of NATO is the subject of an article signed by Miguel Fernández-Palacios, the permanent representative ambassador of Spain to the North Atlantic Council. The magazine also offers the conclusions of the III International Conference on Safe Schools, held in Palma de Mallorca, and reports the transfer of the headquarters of ‘Operation Atalanta´, which fights piracy in the Indian Ocean, to Rota (Cádiz). Te edition is completed with an infographics on the route of Magallanes and Elcano, which culminated with the first round of the world 500 years ago.