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Future air combat system, a european cooperation programme

16/07/2019 Twitter Revista Española de Defensa nº 363 in English

The signing of the agreement between Germany, France and Spain for the development of the future European combat fighter, and the participation of Spanish Navy in Baltops 2019, the largest naval exercise of NATO in the Baltic, are the cover themes of the English edition of N.363 of Revista Española de Defensa.

Inside its pages, special attention is paid to the first International Defense and Security Fair (FEINDEF), which -at the end of May- brought together more than 10,000 professionals in Madrid. The Secretary of State of Defense (SEDEF) Ángel Olivares, and chairmen of organizing associations, TEDAE and AESMIDE, write about this event.

The magazine remembers the important participation of INTA in the arrival of the man to the Moon, fifty years ago, in collaboration with NASA. The certification of the Almogávares VI Brigade is also reported as a maneuver unit of the VJTF 2020, and the conclusions of the Seminar of the Association of European Journalists held in Toledo to analyze the future of NATO are collected. Culture takes a tour of the exhibition, offered by the Naval Museum of San Fernando on the ship San Telmo, missed with all its crew in the waters of Antarctica in 1819.