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On Saturday 25, April 2015, Nepal suffered an earthquake measuring 7.81 that affected the Asian country. Its epicenter was located 81 km northwest of the Kathmandu capital, specifically in the district of Lamjung. In addition to the heavy damage, the number of victims exceeded 8,000, including 6 Spaniards who were in the Langtang Valley.

On May 1, UME received the intervention order and BIEM IV arranged its means to be projected. UME staff, along with seven civil guards, arrived in Kathmandu on May 4, after two stopovers in Oman and Delhi.

Its main missions were two: reconnaissance and victim search in Langtang, epicenter of the earthquake, and underpinning and stabilization of structures in the town of Chapagaun, one of the population centers near to Kathmandu, very affected by the earthquake.

During the intervention in Nepal, the SP-USAR-UME team carried out works to secure houses and a temple close to the population, structural assessments and the construction of a bamboo and tarpaulin accommodation. Thanks to all these tasks, 80 people were able to return home. The mission’s end order was received on Saturday, May 9.

It was the first time that an SP-USAR-UME team was deployed on an international mission as a United Nations classified team.



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