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As president of the Military Gender Equality Watchdog Body I am delighted to welcome you to our web site, in a new phase in which the goals of achieving effective equality between members of the Armed Forces and reconcilement policies shall continue to mark its operation.

Over the last twenty-five years, the Spanish Armed Forces have undergone a profound transformation in terms of their composition, given that women did not start to join them until 1988. Since then, the Ministry of Defence, and particularly the Armed Forces, have worked to integrate women under equal conditions, not merely in legal terms, with their male colleagues, to the extent that the presence of women in the Armed Forces today has become a consolidated reality.

As regards this integration process, I feel it necessary to express my appreciation for the former Armed Forces Women's Watchdog Body given the determining role it played in achieving these goals. Indeed, it made an active contribution to developing the personal, family and professional life reconcilement regulatory standard for our Armed Forces and to opportunity equality among male and female military personnel.

The Military Gender Equality Watchdog body responds to the need for a body that can face up to the new challenges and legal and institutional transformations that affect its sphere of action.

In this sense, worthy of mention are the provisions of the Military Career Act 39/2007 of 19 November and Organic Law 3/2007 of 22 March on effective equality between men and women, the international legal acquis concerning women, peace and security and the transformation of the old Committee on Women in the NATO Forces into the NATO Committee on Gender Perspectives.

We hope to become a reference point for equality in the Armed Forces and to work towards compensation for the personal and family effort that this profession can come to demand of its members.

The Military Gender Equality Watchdog body depends for its technical and administrative support on a Permanent Secretariat for Equality, which also acts as the Ministry of Defence's Equality Unit pursuant to the provisions of Article 77 of the Organic Law 3/2007 of 22 March.

In fine, the Military Gender Equality Watchdog body and the Permanent Secretariat for Equality constitute a useful and effective pairing to implement personal, family and professional life reconcilement and equality of opportunity among men and women within the scope of the Ministry of Defence.

Aware as I am of the importance of these goals, I shall undertake all required actions to reach them, to which end I ask for your support and collaboration.

By means of this web site, I invite you to take part in this endeavour by means of your suggestions and queries, in the hope that you see in it a useful platform and service to air all those questions that might come up concerning the principles of gender equality in the Armed Forces.

Irene Domínguez-Alcahud Martín-Peña

Defence Undersecretariat

Madrid, March 2012.


In its new form, the Military Observatory for Equality between Men and Women in the Armed Forces is regulated by Ministerial Order 51/2011, of 28 July

It is an advisory collegiate body, that reports to the Defence Undersecretariat. Its fundamental purpose is to analyse and, where appropriate, make suggestions regarding the effect on men and women of the set of activities comprising admission, training, military careers, and reconciliation of the personal, family and professional life of members of the Armed Forces.

The Observatory is composed of members representing the Armed Services and the central bodies of the Ministry of Defence, and a Permanent Secretariat that gives continuity and provides administrative and technical support.



El Observatorio analiza, debate y hace propuestas acerca de la incidencia que las actividades relativas al ingreso, la enseñanza militar, la carrera y la conciliación entre la vida personal, familiar y laboral tienen sobre hombres y mujeres.

Hace un seguimiento y análisis de las aportaciones del Comité de Perspectivas de Género de la OTAN y de las acciones sobre mujeres, paz y seguridad, especialmente en el ámbito de las Naciones Unidas y la OTAN.

Asimismo Analiza las cuestiones relacionadas con la igualdad y la conciliación entre la vida personal, familiar y laboral en las Fuerzas Armadas que se le son planteadas.

También vela por la aplicación del criterio de género en las fuentes estadísticas del Ministerio de Defensa, en las cuales, los datos sobre el personal militar que se recopilan y procesan se encuentran desagregados por sexos.

Sus funciones además incluyen asesorar a las unidades del Ministerio de Defensa encargadas de crear proyectos normativos en la elaboración de las memorias de impacto normativo

Finalmente, se encarga de todas aquellas cuestiones que puedan resultar de análoga significación a las anteriores y contribuyan de algún modo a favorecer la incorporación y la integración de la mujer en las Fuerzas Armadas.


What it can and cannot do for you

On this site you can access statistical data, information, and regulations in force about women in the Armed Force and, in general, about issues regarding gender and reconciliation of family and work life.

You also have at your disposal our email and telephone services attended by the Permanent Secretariat for Equality, for any queries you may have about reconciliation of professional, family and work life (leaves, schedule, workday reduction, licenses, etc.), gender issues, situation of women, etc. You may also send us your comments and suggestions about these issues.

The Permanent Secretariat for Equality can resolve your doubts, inform and guide you about procedures, as well as to whom you should submit them.

All personal information is treated confidentially and is protected by Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, of Personal Data Protection.

The Observatory is a consultative, it is not part of the regulative channel. Therefore, it cannot resolve requests nor carry out administrative procedures (for example, management of places in day care centres, logistical accommodation, changes of postings, etc.).

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